SCERT PUBLISHED SSLC Question pool 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Vacation training we constructed somany lab equpments for teachers  e

1. Mutual induction
2. Self induction
3. Extention code (3 pin- sockets- switch connections)
4. Motor
5. Capacitor charging discharging
6. LDR working
7. Diode forward and reverse baise
8. Rectifier circuits
9. colour combination
10.Parallel and series connection

Fr EDVEE MJD HS Kunnamkulam
(Chavakkad edu dist) explain rectifier circuits

Fullwave rectifier
Fullwave bridge rectifier

Diode           :IN4007
capacitor     : 1000uf 16V
Transformer : 500mA  3-0-3

simple experiment for explaiing series parallel connection


Bulbs :12V _5W, 10W, 21W
transformer : 12V AC 6-0-6
for creative schools